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Judi And Matthew
Judi and Matthew

Son…Co-creator…Confidante…Technical Advisor
Just shy of a decade ago, my son, Matthew and I developed a website designed to assist others in empowering themselves via gratitude, thought awareness and monitoring, intention and allowance called LIFE IS MINE. We offered weekly newsletters, articles, e-books and inspirational quotes to interested readers as vehicles for self-inquiry and transformation. We would both like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our readers for their supportive comments and book purchases. It has truly been an honor to be part of the growing population of people vested in their personal growth and accountability for their life circumstances. Your growth has been ours as well. Thank you.
Now, for some exciting updates! Matthew and I, of course, were among those who had intentions to manifest their dreams. And manifest we did!!!
I retired from a wonderful career in teaching in January, 2010 and moved to New Mexico in June to begin my life as an explorer of new destinations including the nearest grocery store, gas station, post office and most importantly…the closest body of water!!! This was my first experience living in a land locked state! I discovered these things and so much more…my days have been filled with many kinds of “newness” for the last three and a half years! My intention to live somewhere other than Maryland, where I grew up had been realized! What a great manifestation this has been.
In late July, 2013, I decided it was time to begin the process of “checking off” another item that is on my bucket list. I have dreamed of taking to the road…solo…in an RV to visit all 58 national parks in the US and see as many waterfalls as possible!!! So, after many years of strong intending, Googling pictures and trusting in the process, I will be on my way sometime in February, 2014!
This, of course, prompted Matthew and me to redesign our current website to represent my new lifestyle! A brand new site set up as a blog was underway! If you are reading this, you have discovered it! Isn’t it terrific….thanks to my personal “techy”…Matthew!
I began posting my preparation experiences on November 11th (approximately 100 days before I was planning to get going). Now, I’m packed up, fueled up and ready to roll, posting my whereabouts and adventures on the road!
As a team, it is our genuine intention that everyone thoroughly enjoys our new site and is able to uncover some nugget of wisdom, inspiration, or humor as you join me in my travels across this country!