Wednesday, September 27, 2017

ABQ 2017 - Fun at the Zoo with a Friend

   Christopher and I go way  When I lived here from 2010-2014, I tutored him.  I'm back and I am TRYING to tutor him again...Algebra II   Geez!!!  He is the grandson of a dear friend of mine, Jean.  Well, one day a couple weeks ago in the middle of tutoring, Christopher got the idea that we should go to the Zoo!  Soooo, we DID!  And we had a fabulous time...we will have to go again though because the penguin exhibit won't be finished until Spring!
Me and Christopher

This guy was enormous!!!

YES...that thing is ALIVE!

LOVE the reflection!

There's a polar bear back there!

Squirrel photo

Yes, that IS poop he is eating...

Behind the waterfall!

These last 6 shots are compliments of Christopher!!!

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  1. i am sure it must have been an amazing experience with such an amazing friend to accompany you. it is nice that you take some time off to bond