Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cam and Gram - Hodge Podge of Fun Before the Second Move

  Things got a little insane getting ready to move again after only 13 days!  Everything packed back out of boxes!!!  Cameron and I made the best of it...we found ways to still have fun amidst the chaos!!!  Go, us!!!
I was so jealous when Cameron got his
Kid's meal cup and headband....I got a
cup and headband for me, too!!!

Cameron and his awesome cup and ears!!!

Fort at the first apartment...
draped over and around all
the packed boxes

At my friend Jean's, Christopher,
her grandson and our friend,
added a bit of character to the known as
"Old Man Cactus"

Chuck E. Cheese fun

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The Emoji Movie

This theater was incredible!

Full rainbow on the drive home after a
very brief, but powerful rain!

We made our own juice pops!

Daily reading time....

The teeniest, tiniest ice cream
cone at Sweet Tomatoes Salad

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