Monday, April 3, 2017

MD - Fun with Family Post Ecuador

Family pic...kinda
We missed you, Adam.  Hope you feel
better soon!

Family pic...seriously

It is ALWAYS a special time for me when I go home to spend time with my family!!!  Even though we keep in close touch through phone calls and texting, it's the hugs I miss!  The group laughter is right up there, too!  So, this visit, I spent a lot of time hugging, laughing and watching my family enjoy each other!  It was a particularly delightful two weeks.  Thanks, gang!  See you again real June!!!
A Grammy sleepover with the much fun

Cameron practicing his
French horn

This electronic dog, Chip, was amazing!
Cameron even had him dance for me!

Impromptu wrestling moment...
it's a mom sandwich!

Leon taking his vitamins like
a good puppy

Loki taking her vitamins like
a good puppy

Mine and Rachel's first team puzzle

It was so much fun, we did
another one!

Nicole and Jesse at our family potluck

My genius multi-tasking son...
eating veggies and hugging's not forget Megan
the beautiful photo-bomber!

Amy and Tanya donning their alpaca
hats and scarves from Ecuador

Hugs and laughter

Jay and Loki just in from playing

Rachel and Megan

The aftermath of a silly string
battle with my sister!

 Canon consoling daddy (Adam) and
helping him feel better

Sunrise at my son's house...
I can only imagine how much
more lovely it was behind
 all the 'stuff'
Still pretty darn amazing!


  1. Hi!! How can I get in touch with you? I think you met my friend Kate yesterday in New Mexico!! My email is! I hope to hear from you soon! :)

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