Sunday, January 8, 2017

***It's a New Day***

     Soooo, after more than 6 weeks of picture loss drama...intermittent internet service at best...adjusting to a 'work' schedule...and experiencing life shifts left and right....IT IS A NEW DAY!!!
The upside of those 6 plus weeks has been...
*my son Matthew came up with a plan to minimize photo disasters in the future and gifted me with the needed technology
*made new friends at Myakka River State Park
*received amazing support during the shifts
*bought a little car so I can flit about without breaking down camp
*beach time...always a good thing
*beautiful opportunities to be in the still of nature
*met, assisted and chatted with campers from all over during my work days
*the work was kinda fun after all...felt a sense of purpose, community and pride for a job well done
*decided that I am done with the work like the freedom of 'no work schedule'
*rode around on an open air vehicle on work days with tunes a blarin' waving to hikers and bikers
*gathered a couple of Bright Spots
*reminded just how much love there is in my life
*realized I am very grateful for ALL of my experiences...the ups, downs and in betweens!
****Soooo, with that being said, prepare for a blog blast over this coming week...WITH PICS...yippee!!!

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