Friday, May 6, 2016

AZ - Town of Tombstone and The Big Nose Kate Saloon

   When we were looking for a parking place, I could hardly believe what I was seeing...a long fairly empty street with a dozen gunslingers and a stagecoach just hanging around...LOL!!!  It was great!
We walked up and down the street stopping in the old shops trying on cowboy hats and checking out the leather holsters at over $100 a pop.  We got a tip from a local that 'Big Nose Kate's' was the place to eat, so off we went.  We weren't really all that hungry, but we ordered their Nacho Supreme...pretty yummy.  The guy singing and playing the keyboard was had to at least hum along even if you didn't know all the words!  Fun stop!

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  1. Its so delighting to see all of these amazing and spectacular pictures..These all are making me hyped.thank you very much for sharing.keep posting.