Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TX - Falls at Lucy Park - Witchita Falls

   A detour that was worth a million!  Between Glen Rose and Roaring Springs, Carl and I took a little side trip to Witchita Falls to check out a waterfalls I saw online.  It was so worth the extra 40 miles!
A few of the chalk messages along the path

After walking along a meandering path through Lucy Park, spotted with chalk messages on the sidewalk, we came upon this beautiful 4-tier
Lucy Falls from above

Lucy Falls from below
 It was such a delightful surprise...we had no idea it would be that awesome!  There were steps to climb to the top so you could watch the cascade from above.  This tip was shared with us by a gentleman we met while enjoying the falls.
Bright Spot - Zan the Man was his name!

 He was traveling by bicycle and had stopped to admire the beauty before us.  He had recently retired and told us that he was experimenting with ways to spend his days that were now filled with endless possibilities.  He worked as a D.J. on the radio for many years until "computer automation began to dominate the radio broadcast industry, and many announcers like me, had to find another career."  
     He found a new way to connect with an audience...using that same technology, he now records his own songs.  A couple years ago, one of  Zantheman49's songs, "Mad Cow Disease", was featured on an internet radio show along with several other great artists!  You can find him on You Tube.  Zan was a true Bright Spot in our day.  He was so friendly!  We wish you all the best in your retirement, Zan!!!  Keep taking those pictures, too!!!

Too funny!!!

About the Falls

Land visitor

Water visitors

Along the path  at Lucy Park 

Part of the path to the falls

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  1. Hello Judi & Carl, what a nice story. I'm glad I had the honor of being the bright spot in your day. Great pictures. I can say without a doubt meeting you has been the highlight of my entire retirement experience. I'll post this story also. Zan