Wednesday, December 7, 2016

FL - Photo Disaster

    Hello, All!
Once again, hundreds of pictures were lost in a portable hard drive malfunction!  My son, Matthew and I have been brainstorming ways to avoid this type of calamity in the future.  Hopefully, within the next week, I'll have access to a new memory device and I'll be backing up
my thousands of pics onto CDs and whatever else we can come up with for safe storage!
     Sorry about the lapse in posting here lately...I should be back in business very soon!
     A little news...
     I have been living and volunteering at Myakka River State Park since November 22nd and I'll be here until the first of the year.  It is quite beautiful here.  I have managed to post a picture or two on Twitter.  There are alligators a plenty and birds of many varieties, especially cranes, egrets, herons and turkey vultures!  All the volunteers are terrific.  Happy Hour is 4:30-5:30 daily, potluck dinners are on Sundays at 5:30 and most of the time, game night follows.  This week we have a tie breaker game tomorrow night!!!  We play "Pegs & Jokers".  Sunday, there were 10 of us playing...craziness!
     Thanksgiving was very pleasant.  I spent it with friends here in Florida near Tampa.
     I bought a little Ford Fiesta (her name is "Jammin") so I'll be able to flit about while at campgrounds for extended stays without needing to break down camp.  I'll be having the towing apparatus installed next week and then I get to PRACTICE towing a vehicle behind Van-Go.  No more going in reverse...oh my!  I will definitely have to keep my eyes open for wide turn opportunities and for potential situations that would make it tricky for me to get out of!!   I'll be getting more exercise when parking at stores because I'll be WAY away from the front doors...LOL
     A trip to Ecuador and a cruise to the Caribbean are in the works for March and April...woohoo!
     Well, I'm gonna sign off for now....but I'll be back with plenty of new pictures!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

VA, DE, NC - For the Love of Nature

    I'm not exactly certain how this whole search for the hearts in nature came about, but when it did a phenomenon occurred.  It seemed that every walk I took, every glance to the ground, the trees, the sky there was evidence that the heart of Mother Nature was all around.  All I needed to do was be open to seeing it.  The following pictures were taken during the course of 5 different hikes in Virginia and North Carolina and the beach in Delaware.  Once, I placed my focus on having this experience, the universe said, "Okay, girl, you asked for it!"  Some may seem like a stretch, but each one caught my attention!  What fun I had seeking the love all around me.  Sometimes, I looked for it and sometimes it found ME!  Enjoy!

Heart in a heart

Orange heart moss

Look's right smack in
the center

Fancy heart fungus

It's a bunch

These were fun...dancing in the breeze

The vine...the whole looks a little like
a pretzel, but the top right section is the

Dried dirt or clay heart

A broken heart

Not the shell, but its shadow

The tear in the leaf

Dead center...dark


The space between the roots just about
center...leaning to the left

The formation of the clump

Same idea

Larger yellow...smaller white above

Another holy heart!

I just realized that clover are made up of 3
hearts with points joined at the stem

The right side is muddled, but you can
imagine exactly where it would be!

A bit of a stretch, huh?

Black heart with a white splinter


Looks a little bit dented in

Missing bark heart

On the side of Van - Go!!!