Tuesday, December 8, 2015

FL - Sunset Drum Circle at Nokomis Beach

      I love drum circles!!!!  Who knew we'd find one on the beach?  As it turns out, each Wednesday and Saturday, a group brings their instruments to the beach for anyone and everyone to enjoy the beautiful energy that only drums can offer!  Carl and I had spent a few hours playing on the beach on a gorgeous Wednesday.  About 4:30, a young man arrived and 'carved' a huge circle in the sand then created a mound in the center.
      People from all over the beach began to congregate and line their chairs up along the outside perimeter of the border.  Some folks were really prepared with coolers and blankets.  Shortly after, the drummers started to gather at the top of the circle.  A young girl placed flowers on the center mound of sand.  A few others placed offerings there as well.  Within minutes, the setting sun and the beat of the drums entertained the viewers with such a delightful balance of sight and sound.  Children frolicked inside the circle, people entered the ring to dance and a couple women hoolah-hooped to the rhythm of the music!  It was wonderful!!!
Dinner diving at dusk...lol

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