Monday, December 7, 2015

FL - Driftwood Extraordinaire

   Carl and I ventured out to Blind Pass of Manasota Beach one day just to walk along the shore and enjoy the calm waters of the Gulf.  As we walked, we noticed an enormous clump of what seemed like a fallen tree in the distance.  The closer we got, the more amazed we were at what we were beginning to see.  This giant piece of driftwood positioned on the beautiful white sands was becoming a vision of art!  I was so excited about what the passersby had done to this uncommon canvas to bring it to life!  Shells, paint, ribbons, stones, misc. objects were the mediums used to create a driftwood masterpiece!  Carl and I, after scrutinizing this monument and taking gobs of pictures noticed a second creation down the beach a bit.  We decided to partake in the decorating of that driftwood sensation by adding a few interesting shells.  I hope the pictures here give you at least a taste of the awesomeness of our discovery!
Great shot of grown-ups sifting through
piles of sea cool

My daughter brought to my attention when she
saw this picture that Sasha and I have similar
hair styles...LOL

The masterpiece

Gumby "palm"

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