Monday, May 11, 2015

FL-Double-sided Bright Spot

  I love life’s little surprises!  Heck, I love life’s big surprises, too!!! 
Noticing anything unusual about this

Yep, it is closed...empty...except for ME!
      Today I had to go to the post office.  It took a while.  I also needed to stop at Walmart for salad fixins.  It was 1:45.  I was hungry.  That wonderful Texas Roadhouse was still right there on the same lot.  I decided it would be better to eat something light there than to go into Walmart really hungry!!!  So I parked, grabbed my crutches and attempted to open the door…it was locked.  A very nice man/employee showed me to another door and a bell.  He pushed it for me and invited me to sit on the bench.  By then I was totally confused, but I complied…mostly out of curiosity.
     Then to my great pleasure, a handsome young man opened the door and said to me, “Oh my, what do we have here?  How can I help you?”  Despite my surprise, I replied, “Well, I’d like to come in and have some lunch!”  He smiled apologetically and let me know they don’t open until 4:00PM.  I was so bummed.  I said okay and was going to leave.  He told me not to go and that if I didn’t mind not actually having a server, he would be happy to fix me a wonderful salad and check on me himself.  As if I wasn’t surprised enough…
     So in we went.  He seated me at a booth in the bar area and brought me 2 glasses of water because it was pretty hot outside.  I got comfy and ordered my Caesar salad.  Trevor, the proprietor of this fine establishment was fun and unbelievably accommodating.  Moments later, lunch arrived.  I thanked him and told him to go in the back and do what he needed to do because I was just perfect!  I had the entire air-conditioned restaurant to myself including great music and was being tended to by the owner.  How fun was that? He came to check on me a couple times. 
     Finally, I had to tell him about Bright Spots on my blog.  HE was MY Bright Spot for sure.  
But I did inquire more about him and his happy news.  As it turns out, Trevor just took over this restaurant last Wed. which was also his birthday!   He had been with another company for 12 years and chose to join the Texas Roadhouse team because of their philosophy.  This organization sees their highest priority as the people.  It was obvious how important that was to Trevor.
     He explained that Texas Roadhouse does not spend money on advertising.  They get the word out about their restaurant through their “legendary store marketers.”  Carol is theirs.  She is employed 40 hours a week to engage in community outreach.  She goes everywhere giving out coupons, appetizers, other menu item samples and telling people firsthand about the restaurant.  She is instrumental in raising money for various charities through the restaurant.  What a wonderful concept!   Carol just happened to come by just as I was ready to leave.  She was very sweet.

     The self proclaimed best aspect of Trevor’s happy life is his wife and 2 little guys, one is 3 and the newest member is 11 months old.  I am so grateful to have crossed Trevor’s path today.  He is a delightful person with a positive and open attitude toward life’s opportunities.  Thanks, Trevor for your hospitality and conversation…and the complimentary lunch!!!

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