Saturday, April 11, 2015

FL-Spring Fairy Fest in St. Petersburg...On 1 Foot...LOL

     My first REAL outing on the knee walker! 
Hooray...I'm sorta
Walker arrived on
This morning Marie and I went to the Spring Fairy Festival in St. Pete’s and it was great!  I got around pretty darn good.  Of course, the sidewalk was so much more fun than the grass and dirt…BUT it was all doable!
     Kids, adults and pets were donned with feathers, butterflies, ribbons, wings and pointy ears!!!  It reminded me of the Renaissance Festivals I’ve gone to in the past where I usually dressed the part of a wench….lots of fun!  Marie and I did show our enthusiasm for the fairies with our own stylish accoutrements (from the Dollar Tree...LOL)!!!  
Flowers, crown and butterflies...oh, my!!!
     There were vendors with a spectacular display of handmade items…clothes, jewelry, food and art. 
This guy's art was so cool!!!s 

One of the fairy houses for sale

     The weather was perfect…slightly overcast with a light breeze!  There were fairies and gnomes walking about playing tunes on piccolos and pans!  Delightful!  There were several permanent sculptures in the park that were wonderful as well.
Marie and the Tin Man

A mer - man/maid

Awesome wind chimes

 My absolute favorite parts were watching the Maypole dancers and being able to blow bubbles!!!
The balloon man made me a flower
for my sweet!

The breeze making a bubble

Hot air making the bubble...LOL

Fairy pup!

Fairy dust!
      Marie and I had a perfect picnic lunch after we walked around.  There was a bench in the shade right near the car and Marie packed us a scrumptious salad…just right after a morning stroll through a fairyland!

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