Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FL - Sunset on Tax Day

     It’s been a weird few days! I gotta say though for the most part I’ve been feeling and doing terrific since the accident.  But this week so far my state of mind and overall mood has been immensely labile!!!   I can’t even remember the last time I was so “roller coaster-ish”.  Not fun at all!  Naps have helped!!!
     I am grateful.  I am angry. I am puzzled out!  I fall asleep when I try to read.  There is absolutely NOTHING on TV.  I keep banging my foot into things.  Food is boring!  Every single thing I do requires so much energy and focus!  Taking a shower has become a major ordeal.  My entire functional wardrobe consists of a handful of sundresses!  My colored pencils are all beginning to look alike!   I COULD go on and on, but I’ll stop!  It felt good to vent though!  I’m done!
     Marie and I went to the midweek open air market this morning.  It was lovely.  Beautiful produce, food vendors with all natural preservative and yucky stuff-free food, pasta sauce that tasted like it just came of ‘Grandma Italy’s’ stove after simmering for about 8 hours and some very eclectic crafts.  It was good to be out for a little while.  The knee walker and I have a limited mobility window at the moment. 

He was checkin' me out!  LOL

Click on this one and see if you can
find the men's faces in the clouds at
the cool

The best part of the day was being able to watch the sunset on the beach from my sports chair ‘perch’!  Got a few nice shots and when I spotted a heron in the distance, Marie offered to walk to get a closer picture.  Thanks Marie…they turned out great!

Bright Spot – A few days ago, I received an unexpected package in the mail here at Marie’s!!!!  I was so excited and stunned at the same time!  I looked at the label and saw that it was from Rachel and Megan!  I opened it up as fast as I could to see what was inside.  Wrapped in beautifully colored tissue paper were 5 separate smaller packages.  Wow!  They sure do know me!!! 
My goodies!!!
Craft items, tear jerker movies, especially one that I have been looking many months for in several states, The Family Feud card game, nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookies AND a very sweet greeting card!!!  Of course I cried!  But there was a big ole smile on my face, too!  Much gratitude to them both for my “cheer box”.

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