Friday, March 6, 2015

Wrapping Up Winter in MD

Frozen flower on my antenna


 Three hours away from heading south!!!  Wow!  What a crazy winter I’ve been in MD for!  Such a mixed bag of what winter means for me…speechless wonder, love of sharing childlike joy, absolute annoyance!!!  The site of everyday things encased by layers upon layers of frozen drops can be really spectacular!  Nature’s ability to bounce back from the weight of accumulated ice boggles my mind.  

  Watching the world slowly (or not) disappear under a blanket of white has always been a favorite winter pastime for me.  The other aspect of snowy weather that I really love is seeing the pure uninhibited joy that children and dogs equate with engaging in freezing cold outdoor activity! LOL        Ever notice that kids are not deterred in the least even when they get blue lips and become a shiver-machine matched only by ice-caked mittens preventing any possible hand motion???  LOL   It’s pretty amazing.  I personally have outgrown that level of passion for snow, but a similar thing happens when I get into a creative zone…so focused on something I enjoy that nothing gets in the way of my bliss!
The typical parking lot scene...yuk!

This was 6" ago!!!!

     It’s not really the snow that I’ve come to dislike so much…it’s the cold, the biting wind, the cancelled plans, the slippery roads, and the scraping!!!  And….that’s okay!  I don’t have to like it!  LOL   Hence, my plan not to hang out very long in snow-laden locations in the future.  Pleasant weather travel coming up!

My winter stay here in MD has enabled me to spend time with many of those who mean so much to me.  

***For those who I wasn't able to visit physically, know that I love you and that you will remain in my heart as a blessing in my life.  I'm certain that we will keep in communication via some form of technology!!!   Till we meet again...
Nicole and the boys!!!
Headed for the hills...for sledding!!!



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