Monday, March 23, 2015

GA - Savannah - Farewell for Now

     My plan for Wednesday was to visit a state park and another plantation.  I woke up, took a walk, ate breakfast and just didn’t feel like going out.  So, I hung around the campground.  I figured I’d go Thursday.  
     Well, Thursday brought with it a day full of rain!!!  Plan “B” commenced!  I broke down camp and headed to the mall for a long over-do pedicure!   It was still early and most store gates were down, so I toured the mall leisurely.  Just about 10:00, I happened by an interesting place called “Nuts About Savannah” where a gentleman was opening the gates and said hello.  I asked if he had chai and with his affirmative response, I told him I’d be back in a little bit…giving him a chance to get going!  I returned about 15 minutes later receiving a full and cheerful welcome.  My visit turned into a great Bright Spot – First, Phillip remembered my inquiry and told his wife Dolores.  She was ready for me!  As I went to check out, we struck up a conversation and when I told her about my journey, she said she had many wonderful things in her life to share.  She and Phillip were recently married, her son Jonathan just got married and her daughter Amber was recently engaged!!!  Amber also serves in the US Navy…thank you, Amber!
Dolores shared about her and Phillip’s intention for the store to be a place for socializing and relaxation and that would offer people healthy snack options and eclectic gift ideas.  In my opinion, they are a big success.  As we continued to chat, she revealed a beautiful plan of hers to write a book entitled, “I’m Perfect Because I Choose to Be”.   How cool is that?  Dolores, I look forward to reading your book!
     I caught a movie…The 2nd Best Marigold Hotel and it was really good!  Afterwards, I had an early dinner and went back to the campground around 5:30 and spent the evening reading and listening to the rain.  All of the sudden, about 9:00, I remembered that I had prepaid online tickets to see 2 bluegrass bands in Savannah for….5:30PM!!!!!   What a bummer!  It was the first day of their annual music festival!  Oh, well, maybe next year.


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