Monday, March 30, 2015

Welcome to the World!

The babies are here…The babies are here!
A couple weeks ago, I posted a series of pictures about the ‘watching' of the bald eagle eggs that were laid on Valentine's Day!.  Well, those precious eggs have hatched (one the 22nd and the other a couple days later) and new to this world are two more magnificent bald eagles!  Observing the parents feeding their babies has been delightful!  Though I can’t post the vids, I was able to capture a few still shots to share.  All you need to do to see the live cam though is to Google ‘live eagle cam in Hanover, PA”. 

Hey, I'm here!
Yeah, I win...I'm first!

My sibling is here!!!!

I can't reach, mama!!!

Oh, that's better!


More, please?!

Hey, it's my turn!

Thanks for lunch, mama!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FL - St. Augustine - Hog Heaven Ride

     Carol was sweet enough to lend Chris to me for a few hours in the morning on Sunday…lol!  He and I climbed aboard his gorgeous 850 lb. Harley-Davidson with the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum as our destination! 
Chris and me ready to ride!

The lighthouse
     I can hardly describe how much fun that was for me!  I’m used to my tiny scooter where I have to be totally focused every second and get only snippets of scenery as I drive along.  This time I was able to sit back and relax and catch every wonderful sight my eyes allowed me to take in.  It was wonderful!
     As we approached the grounds, my eyes widened, my heart raced and my breath deepened! 
Breath-taking tree ensemble
The trees there were entwined in each other with crazy sprawling branches!  Their greeting was gentle and mysterious in nature.  We walked around gingerly to take it all in before getting our tickets to climb the lighthouse. 
     The lighthouse’s spiral staircase consisted of 219 steps and it was worth the climb to be able to overlook St. Augustine and surrounding waterways from that height. 
Spiral staircase


View from the top
I’ve always enjoyed views above the tree line.  The air is fresher and the sights are without obstruction.  We could even see the Alligator Farm across the way.  Chris and I thoroughly embraced the experience.
Me and the Cuz

An old Victrola that was in the museum.
I almost didn’t want to leave, but Cuz reminded me that I could always come back.

     We got back to the house and had lunch, then……..I’ll save that until next posting!!! 

FL - St. Augustine - I HAVE Arrived


     I arrived at my cousin Chris’s house around 2:30 ish on Friday.  It was so great to see him again!  We figured that it just may have been 47 years since we were together!  We were 12 and 14!  When we saw each other though, it was like we had never been apart!
     He and I and his wife Carol talked and talked and laughed for hours!  Then we all jumped in Chris’s truck and went to Food Truck Friday to get some grub!  Several food trucks were lined up on the lot by a park selling a variety of culinary treats!  It was a blast….and I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful the food was.  We went back to the house and ate and talked some more!

450 year anniversary

Chris and Carol

Surrounded by 'hunks'!

      In the morning, after Chris fixed us a scrumptious breakfast, we all drove into old town St. Augustine!  What a beautiful town!  The architecture was gorgeous!  There is such history there as it is the oldest city in the country!
When this went from a Woolworth's
to a jewelry store, they kept one of the
original doors!!!

There was dancing and chanting in the streets...
Indian Festival Day

The oldest wooden schoolhouse in the

Original brick peaking through

Fabulous designs in the bricks

     We had a terrific day there.  We even toured a ‘near exact’ replica of a Spanish Galeon (cargo) ship.  The restaurant where we had lunch had trap doors along the window sills that you can throw bread pieces through into the water for the fish and the seagulls!  They actually bring you a basket of bread for that specific purpose…pumpernickel!

The 3


Cargo area

"Popeye" Chris

Trap door and bread

Seagull making its way to the watery snack

The Galeon cargo ship

     Chris played his drums for me after we returned!  I have always loved drums and sitting in the room with him was ecstatic for me!  I could feel the vibration of the music through the wall and the floor and even in the air.  It was almost surreal!    I hope I can convince him to play for me again before I leave!

"Man - 0 - War"

"Just one more kiss, then I'll be on my way...promise!"

Monday, March 23, 2015

GA - Savannah - Farewell for Now

     My plan for Wednesday was to visit a state park and another plantation.  I woke up, took a walk, ate breakfast and just didn’t feel like going out.  So, I hung around the campground.  I figured I’d go Thursday.  
     Well, Thursday brought with it a day full of rain!!!  Plan “B” commenced!  I broke down camp and headed to the mall for a long over-do pedicure!   It was still early and most store gates were down, so I toured the mall leisurely.  Just about 10:00, I happened by an interesting place called “Nuts About Savannah” where a gentleman was opening the gates and said hello.  I asked if he had chai and with his affirmative response, I told him I’d be back in a little bit…giving him a chance to get going!  I returned about 15 minutes later receiving a full and cheerful welcome.  My visit turned into a great Bright Spot – First, Phillip remembered my inquiry and told his wife Dolores.  She was ready for me!  As I went to check out, we struck up a conversation and when I told her about my journey, she said she had many wonderful things in her life to share.  She and Phillip were recently married, her son Jonathan just got married and her daughter Amber was recently engaged!!!  Amber also serves in the US Navy…thank you, Amber!
Dolores shared about her and Phillip’s intention for the store to be a place for socializing and relaxation and that would offer people healthy snack options and eclectic gift ideas.  In my opinion, they are a big success.  As we continued to chat, she revealed a beautiful plan of hers to write a book entitled, “I’m Perfect Because I Choose to Be”.   How cool is that?  Dolores, I look forward to reading your book!
     I caught a movie…The 2nd Best Marigold Hotel and it was really good!  Afterwards, I had an early dinner and went back to the campground around 5:30 and spent the evening reading and listening to the rain.  All of the sudden, about 9:00, I remembered that I had prepaid online tickets to see 2 bluegrass bands in Savannah for….5:30PM!!!!!   What a bummer!  It was the first day of their annual music festival!  Oh, well, maybe next year.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GA - Parade Day Arrives

Kilts and bagpipes!

Dignitaries, children and random guys
with humongous beads around their neck!

Budweiser and the Clydesdales!

Awesome dudes with
spectacular hats!!!

Outrageous characters!

 Parade day finally!!!  Walking from the shuttle to my bleacher seat was an amazing sea of green...50 shades of green at least...LOL  Babies, children, teens, adults, pets...a beautiful array of race, gender and nationality could be seen with a slight turn of the head!  Everybody is IRISH on St. Patrick's Day in Savannah!  It was great!

A smile of...

...being appreciated

 The most memorable parts of the parade for me were:
1 - the standing ovations and over all respectful and appreciative response to the armed forces,  war veterans and community service folks as they passed by
2 - seeing the gentleman holding a bald eagle pass right in front of me
3 - being fortunate enough to have the bagpipers actually play right where I was sitting
4 - watching the young boys run out and place green beads around pretty girls' necks so they would get a kiss
5 - sitting directly across from kids that had a bubble blowing machine!

Ahhhhh!!!  And then, of course, there were the cool people I met while there.

Bright Spot #1 - Ileana was there with her friend, Dan!
Ileana & Dan
 Ileana had a beautiful spirit and has reached a point in her life where she is allowing herself to do things that SHE wants to do.  Still very committed to her family, she is realizing that there is room for everyone now that she is retired. Ileana, may you find joy in all your pursuits, big or small!!!!  Oh, and give the best hugs!!!

Bright Spot #2 - I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Linda and Mary from Connecticut...alias, The Village Chicks...alias, the MVB's (Mayberry Village Broads).  These 2 fabulous women have been friends since they were like 5 years old!
Linda & Mary
 Mary told me that she knew they would be friends for life when in 3rd grade, she was being teased by 4th graders and Linda (a 4th grader) defended her!!! Mary still lives in the town they grew up in and Linda about 20 miles away.  They love to take little trips with each other whenever time and schedules allow, but this was their first BIG trip together.  From all outward appearances and an afternoon of has been a real success!
Linda...a bit later in the day...LOL

Mary...succumbing to hat karma...LOL
Mary's sister handmade the spectacular head pieces they wore...maybe you can zoom in and see some of the detail. After having so much fun during the parade, we had lunch together where the Chicks shared some great travel tips.  We exchanged contact info and I'm looking forward to staying in touch with them.

A few more 'must-haves' in any self-respecting ( St. Pat) parade...
A Coke Float with Polar Bears!

Ronald McDonald himself!

Snacks from Sonic!

A Partially green goat! and out of the parade!

AND...last but not least...a LEPRECHAUN and his Lucky Charm!