Monday, February 2, 2015

San Diego - Sharon's Last Morning / Brief Encounter

     Sharon and I went to breakfast before she left for the airport to return to the east coast!  I have to say that the presentation of the meals we have had has been nothing short of amazing!   This place was no exception!

GLUTEN-FREE Raisin French toast!
Breakfast Sushi
     We hung out a little and off she went…it was sad to see her go, but I’ll cherish the memories and pictures of the spectacular time we had here in San Diego!
I decided to stroll around the Hillcrest area to get my bearings again since my navigator was gone…LOL
Bright Spot  - I ran into an amazing young man that I had actually been in line behind at the Whole Foods earlier.  Sam was pushing a stroller with his little niece in it that was eating a snack.  We started talking after he asked me where I was from…he recognized my “hon accent”…lol   As it turned out, his family is in Baltimore and his mom still lives in Overlea near where my sister lives!  How fun!  In discussing what I’ve seen and what will have to wait til my next visit, he told me about an experience he had at Joshua Tree…a place that is high on my list!  He took a 10 day course in Vipassana Meditation!  He learned to be more aware of his sensations, to practice equanimity and detachment.  When he spoke of his experience, his entire affect became even more alive…his eyes were pure and radiant.  He went on to share that he rode his bike from Baltimore to Seattle and down the west coast after I told him about my adventure.   He is visiting his sister here!
 His mom will be retiring soon and he is hoping for her that she will embrace this chapter of her life and have plenty of fun!  I could have talked with him for hours.  He was absolutely delightful!  It would even be awesome to meet his mom!  Thank you, Sam, for the brief encounter that added such sweetness to the quality of my day!
Many blessings to you and your mom!!!  (sorry it took me 5 days to post this…hope you kept checking) 

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