Saturday, February 7, 2015

San Diego - My Last Full Day - Balboa Park Gardens

     My last day in San Diego was great!  I had breakfast with a very eclectic woman from the hostel. She has a warm, bubbly personality and quite a contagious laughter.  Bright Spot – Claire is a Feng Shui master and transformational life coach.  She is an artist, writer, and web designer.  Perhaps a better overall description of Claire would be “Renaissance Woman”!   She has authored a book called From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy and Radiant. 

Her life purpose is to teach from personal experience.  Stepping fully into that is very fulfilling for her.  There are plans for a book tour, nationally and abroad, in the making.  Throughout the tour, Claire will hold workshops based on her book; hence, facilitating the reduction of stress and the cultivation of positive life force energy for the participants.  Best wishes to Claire!!!

      Afterwards, I walked to Balboa Park for the last time this trip to view the various gardens!  There were quite a few, but my fave was the Japanese Friendship Garden….it had a little waterfall!!!  The Desert Garden was second runner up!  Both of these gardens were very beautiful in their own way. 
     The former was clearly a well planned and executed project whose landscape provided a delightful sense of openness.   There were pausing points that beckoned you to take in the beauty.  There were 2 buildings that were still waiting for the exterior grounds to be completed.  In talking with the woman at the ticket booth, I discovered that their purposes. 

One will be home to significant items of Japanese culture and the second is designed to host special events.

 I spent some time at the waterfall with eyes closed and ears perked to experience the soothing sound of fresh trickling water.   As I climbed the spiral walkway back to the entrance, I looked back and smiled in gratitude for the love and care that must have gone into this creation.

The Desert Garden stirred within me memories of the four years I lived in New Mexico.  The smell of earthiness exuding from and a pure and natural vista was an experience I loved.   The physical arrangement of this garden was circular in design with islands of cactus within the perimeter.   I found a couple cozy spots under a grouping of trees that screamed, “Sit here out of the scorching sun and rest a bit.” 

How could I refuse such an invitation?  I’ve always enjoyed relaxing under a broad canopy of branches and leaves with a good book, a blank notebook and pencil, or just a desire to “be” like that last day in San Diego.   
     I did meander through a couple other garden types that were quite different than these, yet still interesting.

Lunch at the Prado Restaurant near the visitor’s center was delicious and the perfect nourishment to get me back to the hostel where I spent quite a while packing.  Because of the few items I acquired while in San Diego, it was mandatory that I leave behind a few donations of clothing so I could get my suitcase closed!!! 

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