Friday, February 6, 2015

San Diego - Fun with Marie

     My friend Marie who has been working in the Mohave Desert at the 20 Palms Marine Corp training center for the past several months drove up to San Diego to hang out for the weekend.   It was great!  We had a fabulous time…as always when we get together!  After settling in on Friday evening, we just chilled so we’d be ready for a jam-packed day of fun on Saturday.  We grabbed breakfast at the Fig Tree Cafe on our way to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. 
At this one spot, the water was coming
ashore from opposite directions
and converging in the middle...COOL

There were cabins along the top of the
pier that can be rented

An awesome OOPS shot!
Then we drove to Pacific Beach.  It was a great beach with a long pier jutting out into the ocean.  I took a walk along the shore and found some very interesting "things".  Because it was somewhat overcast, we didn’t actually lay on the beach for too long.  We walked on the boardwalk and had lunch at Woody’s on their rooftop deck where we could watch the waves AND the passersby!


Picture taken facing windows...ocean is
reflected in them

House that was about 85% windows

Judi and the Shark


     Around 4:00, we went up to Mount Soledad…the beautiful veteran’s memorial overlooking all of San Diego…360* views of land and ocean…gorgeous!  The memorial itself was very impressive with picture/plaques of veterans from several wars covering the round multi-layered ‘walls’ surrounding the structure.  In the center of the memorial sat a huge cross that lit up as the sun’s glow passed through it at dusk. 


Finally, we went to have some Chinese food and then to the movies to top off our wonderful day sightseeing around San Diego.
Chess match outside the theater

Just a nice shot of the sky at dusk driving to the theater

     Sunday we headed to Balboa Park.  First, stopped for a light breakfast 2 blocks away at the Bassam Café.  What an eclectic
place!  The walls and showcases were filled with antiques…from dolls to knives and expresso machines to jewelry! 
Bassam Cafe

We didn’t mind waiting a bit for our fruit and yogurt because there was so much to look at.  An unexpected and spectacular fragrance wafted through the café as we milled about.  Of course, the source was a magnificent homemade light pastry that had just been brought to the counter from the oven…and, yes, we added one of them to share to our meal!!!  Yum!
     At the park, we met up with a couple friends that were in the area and we visited the International Cottages to learn about various cultures and sample foods that were native to the regions and see the beautiful dancers. 







That was fun…each cottage was decorated to showcase that country’s unique aspects and contributions to their homeland and the world.  Representatives from the country were available to talk and answer questions.  It’s been my experience during my stay in San Diego that the people have been exceptionally kind and very accommodating.  It has been a real pleasure interacting with people!

Bright Spots – At the hostel, there was such a diverse group of people in regards to age, outlook on life, experiences, beliefs, etc.  One of my roommates, Brook, was only there for a couple of nights.  She was on her way to Thailand, wet suit in tow, to do some research! 
Diana, age 32, from Harrisburg, PA, has taught ESL abroad for several years.  She has recently started working with refugees from Burma right here in San Diego through an organization called Americorp!  She loves working with international people and her goal in all her work is to be “giving back.”  Something she really likes about Americorp is that they hire refugees that have been through the program as case workers for the new people just beginning.   

Both of these women have so much to offer and they were filled with such enthusiasm and determination!  Gifts to the world!  

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