Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maryland Means Grandkritters

   I realized last week that I had created a serious error in the grandmother department!  I have neglected to create a post showing off my grandkritters as part of my stops back here in Maryland!  I vow to take more pictures when I'm in Maryland and display them so that I can avoid being disowned…tee hee!

Canon - Matthew's kritter

Rachel training her kritters

Leon - Rachel's kritter

Loki - Rachel's kritter

Loki and Leon sharing water

Gia - Rachel's kritter



Meaty - Nicole's kritter
As you might imagine, each of them have their own very distinct personality and likes and dislikes!

Leon is a snuggler and loves the cold air.
Loki loves to play fetch and go airborne!
Gia is a premadonna and drinks from the special faucet.

Canon loves going for walks and jumping over grates and being close to you.

Meaty is a nut and he stomp-jumps when he gets excited!


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