Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Albuquerque Welcomes Me...WOW!

     I flew directly from San Diego to Albuquerque…from 2 weeks of amazing sights to a week of taking care of the storage issue and trying to see a few friends…so, I thought!!!!
     My week in Abq turned out to be much more than I could have anticipated!  First, my rental car experience was perfect!  I performed amazing feats repacking my stuff into a smaller unit! Next, my friend Christine and her hubby welcomed me into their home for the entire duration of my stay.  Thank you guys…it was wonderful hanging out with you!  Our talks, laughs, outings, etc…just the best! 

Christine wasn't able to come to dinner
so I brought her the drink umbrellas
which she immediately
 put to good use!!!

Christine and her teddy! 

Thank you Stewart...WOW!

Thank you again for my tiny friend!

  Then there were my visits!  Alorah was first on my list.  I was blessed to see her again as well as meeting her love, Gordon in their new home!!!  The house was delightful and so were its residents!!! 
Thank you Alorah and Gordon!
If that wasn’t enough, Gordon led us in a beautiful meditation and I received a wonderful gift of a butterfly and flower print! 
Thank you both for your hospitality and love.
     When I lived in NM, whenever any of my kids came into town, I’d invite friends to have dinner with us at a local restaurant to celebrate their arrival!  Every time I did, there was a great turnout and a terrific time was had by all!  It always meant so very much to me that my “new and growing family” supported me and my kids in that way. 

Thank you Lori for creating this gorgeous
petrified wood really know matches my new earrings perfectly!!!

Thank you Cora for my wonderful
happy bling!  I love it!

 I was reminded what a spectacular family I have in NM when so many loved ones came to have dinner with me at the Hacienda del Rio in Old Town while I was there!  The smiles, the hugs, the handmade birthday hat, the gifts, the words…the love was more than I could have expected!  I love you all very much and your presence in my life has truly made a positive impact on me.   To those who wanted to come, but were unable….I love you and missed you dearly.
I caught a balloon sighting
on my way to Jean's
 I participated in a half day Shamanic journey workshop at my friend Jean’s home which was a wonderful experience and I was able to see additional friends.   Jean surprised me and brought tears to my eyes when she presented me with my dearest friend, Frazzle Fur (my teddy bear extraordinaire that I thought I lost forever)!!!  He had fallen from my luggage when Jean took me to the airport the last time (10 months ago) and she rescued him!  My friend Susan and I snuck out afterwards and caught up over a late lunch!  Later that day, I got to visit with Christopher and Tiffany from my youth group and their mom and new little brother Anthony!
Jean delighting in her newest grandson
What a treat they were!  Arianna, I missed seeing you!!! 
     Another visit that proved to be a delightful time was when I went to see my other two amazing kids from the youth group, Aidan and Liam and their parents, Crista and Shane…all of whom I adore!  The boys grew so much in the last 10 months…WOW!  It is difficult to express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to be a small part of their lives while I was living there…and it was just as sweet seeing them during my visit!!!  Crista crocheted Minion mittens for my grandson and they are adorable!  Cameron put them on and wouldn’t take them off!!!  He loves them!

     What a memorable visit to my beautiful southwestern home!  I am truly blessed!

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