Monday, January 12, 2015

Spontaneous Stop in Delaware

     Well, I finally broke loose from the nasty head cold I’ve had!  Hooray!  I can breathe and stay awake for more than 3 hours at a time!!!  Thank goodness I was able to recoup in a warm cozy place with everything I needed to feel better…thanks to my daughter opening her home to me ONCE AGAIN!
     I’ve been sorting and packing for my upcoming trips…San Diego and Albuquerque.  It appears that San Diego has temps around 60-70 this time of year and ABQ, 40-50.  So deciding what kind of clothes to take along has been a bit challenging.  I’m confident that I’ll simply over-pack like always so I have every possible type of clothes that any weather would warrant…LOL
Eastern shore welcoming

Hundreds of them...had to pull over
to try to get them as they came in

So awesome!

     I unexpectedly decided to hang out at my friend Sharon’s for a week.  So, I’m here in Ocean View, DE a few miles from the ocean…love it!  

The weather promises to be chilly and rainy while I’m here, but yesterday….it was sunny and a beautiful 42*.  I took advantage of the opportunity to be out and about on a self-guided “tour” of the area.  I stumbled upon a fabulous shop on my way back to the house!  I stopped for one reason…it was called CraZy LadyZ!!! 
What else was I to do?  The sign in the lot even says, ‘You have to be crazy to park here!’  I was expecting FUN when I walked in and I was not disappointed.  Not only was there an expansive and vivid array of colors to feast my eyes on and spectacular clothes that were obviously designed ‘outside the box’, but there was Mary!
Bright Spot – Mary manages this eclectic boutique and after meeting her and chatting, I can’t imagine anyone better for the job!  She is a proponent of positivity.  She loves her job and her team of coworkers, her great kids and as Mary put it…”life is good, it is just falling into place.”  She shared a cute story about a customer who frequents the shop.  Her husband couldn’t understand why she went there so often especially when she didn’t always make a purchase.  Her response to him was, “I’m going shopping with friends I haven’t met yet.”  This is not an uncommon remark because, as Mary explained to me, the concept behind this beautiful, fun, relaxed, and accommodating atmosphere (tea, coffee, water and wine are offered as well as superb service as you shop) was to provide a gathering place for women. 
CraZy LadyZ in Ocean View, DE
Women come to talk about…well, anything pertinent to their lives at the moment.  Many acquaintances and lasting friendships are born within these walls.  It’s the kind of place where one can receive a “dose of HAPPY!”   Bravo to Jan & Louise for creating such a lovely space.  In case you are ever in the area, they have 2 locations…one in Ocean View, DE and one in Ocean City, MD. Thank you Mary…it was a pleasure!  By the way, I LOVE my new shoes!

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