Wednesday, January 21, 2015

San Diego Bound...A Surprise

Sunset from the plane
 What an amazing flight experience!  The smoothest, quickest 6 hours I’ve ever spent in the air!
Sharon and I boarded our Southwest plane and got situated easily.
     Bright Spot - After the drill, our little area was inspired and entertained by the most incredible young man.   He shared stories, offered bits of wisdom and made us all laugh!  He was one of the attendants and extraordinary indeed!  Sharon (my friend for the moment…lol) shared that I just had a birthday!  He wished me well…and it got wilder from then on!!!  He told the entire plane of my celebration and had me raise my hand!   Moments later, he announced that the crew made me a crown and presented it to me! 
Crown #1 was a bit small

and my amazing gift
     Afterwards, the most unlikely but spectacular thing happened.  He announced to the passengers that he thought that on behalf of SW, it would be a great idea to give Sharon and me a complimentary dinner in honor of my 60th birthday!  He proceeded to say that anyone who felt inspired could contribute a dollar or so toward this gesture!  He walked the aisles and collected money.  Once it was counted, he called me to the front of the plane to gift me with over $100!!!  He handed me the microphone so I could thank everyone!  Believe it or not, I was practically speechless.  I muttered a few silly words to express my gratitude.  I wanted to say so much more like how honored I felt and how blessed but the words just didn’t come.  As I headed back to my seat, nearly each person wished me a happy birthday with a beautiful smile on their face!  WOW!
    Later in the flight, I was telling this young man about my blog and asked if I could take his picture and post about him.  He offered that I take a picture of the SW symbol of the heart instead, because it really wasn’t about him! 
Go, Southwest Team
A couple people asked for my blog address when they overheard our conversation.
    What an experience!  I guess I’ll keep Sharon as my friend after all!!!  LOL

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