Friday, January 30, 2015

San Diego-Spreckels Open Air Organ-Day 6


                     When doing my research on what to do in San Diego, I ran across something about a free organ concert in Balboa Park.  Sharon was doing a bit of her own checking and thought it sounded interesting as well.  So we decided to venture to the park and see what it was all about.
When we arrived at this gorgeous OUTDOOR venue, we were both quite surprised!!!  The Italian-Renaissance architecture was breath-taking and there on the open stage sat an organ!   This organ  built in 1914 is 75’ high and consists of 73 ranks totaling 4,518 pipes!  It is one of the world’s largest open-air pipe organs.  President Teddy Roosevelt even spoke there in July of 1915.  After a period of nonuse during WWII and quite a bit of renovation and expansion, now as many as 2,500 people can enjoy a variety of concerts there. 
OK...I'm a funky tree lover!!!

You can see 2 of the esteemed pet on stage and one
in the audience!

     Today, Civic Organist, Dr. Carol Williams gave a spectacular performance!  In 2001 she was the first woman appointed to this position.  Her concerts take her around the world.  This coming Sunday, Feb. 1st, the grandchildren of the original VonTrapp family singers from the Sound of Music will be performing at this wonderful historic venue.  Feb. 15th the “Bark in Balboa Park” benefiting the Humane Society of San Diego will celebrate its 10th anniversary.  The Pet Parade will be followed by opportunities for adoption!  I think that is so cool!  Pets can actually be members of the Spreckels Organ Society!  There were several members there today!!!  Every Sunday, regardless of weather, a free concert is offered!  What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!!

San Diego-Taste, Cook, Dance, Sleep-Day 5

Soooo, I totally skipped over 2 full days!  Did you notice?  LOL
     Let’s back up to Saturday the 24th…Day 5!    Rumor had it that there was a fabulous farmer’s market nearby.  That perked up our ears as we both love open markets!  Once again San Diego’s fine transit system delivered us quickly and safely to our destination…Little Italy-San Diego style!  Fresh foods, fragrant flowers, fine crafts, funky clothes and much more were waiting for us as we began our 5 block excursion.   Most vendors offered tasters of their most cherished edibles!  YUMMMMM-MY!  From nuts to ceviche, we nibbled our way through the market.  We also bought a wonderful “green smoothie”…pretty tasty for a drink that’s so good for ya..LOL  The day was perfect and we brought back a few treasures to have for snacks later in the week.
The Mercato

Sprouts on the stalk!

Funky cauliflower

Fresh swordfish!!!!!

Banner depicting winners
in the entertainment biz with
Italian heritage were hung
along the streets of Little Italy

Frank Cappa

 Even though we did partake in a few samplings, we were ready for lunch when our adventure was complete.  We stopped for a scrumptious lunch at the Queenstown Public House right there in Little Italy. 
     Another rumor floating about was that the nightlife in the Gaslamp District was worth getting there for!  They didn’t have to sell us on that one.  Sharon treated me to a great birthday dinner at the STRIP CLUB!  Now, it’s not what you may be thinking….    It was a most unusual steak house restaurant!  When you placed your order for the kind of steak you wanted, they brought it to your table RAW and wrapped in cellophane!!!  You got to choose one of the several hot grills in the room and cook it YOURSELF!!!  It was a blast!  Once you returned with your ready-to-eat main dish, the server appeared with your sides! 
The drink menu...
too funny!

Sharon in the limelight!
Our ride...just kidding!!!
We dined alfresco which was lovely.  After our meal, we gravitated to a highly recommended bar/lounge with live entertainment.  We hung out there for a while and grabbed a cab back to the hostel.
By then it was 11:30 or so and when we arrived the place was hoppin’!  There was a live band in the lounge and they were really good! 

Though we showed up near the end of the festivities, we stayed and swayed until the last note was strummed!  What a terrific day!  A great night’s sleep followed!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

San Diego-Balboa Park-Botanical Garden-Day 7 Part 2


What a team!!!

The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar


Preparing to get all wrapped up!


Click to get a better view of the hummingbird right in front

    There is not much that words could do to accentuate what our eyes beheld and our noses tingled over!  So this post will be primarily visual…feel free to express your own ooohs and aaahs as you scroll.  All I can say is that we were virtually speechless throughout our walk…but our heads were swiveling from side to side in awe!  Enjoy!
Oh...if I've inadvertently duplicated any shot.....well... you're welcome!  LOL

The path to the Botanical building

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Coy in the pond walking to the garden
OOPS!  The coy weren't walking...we were!