Sunday, July 20, 2014

Inspiration On the Go!

  Not much text here, but I'm so excited to have begun Van-Go's design, I had to put this up!!!  Rachel and I VERY carefully applied the lettering...some of which was individual the driver's side. Pretty!

The project to inspire on-the-Go has hereby commenced!!!  Stay tuned for additions!  Artworks by Vincent van Gough...Van-Go's an unusual format...coming next!!!

Then we kinda "pigged-out"!!!  Yummy...Domino's delivers!!!  At least I got the extra thin crust...LOL
By the way, I'm down 11 pounds...yippee!  Nothin' but celery tomorrow...LOL
Handmade crust, pepperoni and ham

Thin crust, BBQ sauce, chicken and mushrooms

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