Monday, June 30, 2014

Birthday Fun...Cameron's Party

     What a fabulous idea for a kid's party...there's this place called "Jump On It" that is huge and filled with inflatables of all sizes and themes where kids AND ADULTS can bounce until they are 'well-mixed'...LOL  My grandson's party was there yesterday....and it was a blast!
Grammy and Cameron!!!

How many times can a 7
year old go down a slide???

What's a party without
a good Hurricane Simulator!

'If I crawl through this caterpillar, will I
come out the other side as a butterfly???

Father, son and daughter #1 sit and marvel... 

as daughter #2...MOMMY...multi-tasks
as balloon holder and active listener!!!

Time to blow out the candles on the
"moustache-themed' cake
1...2...3...BLOW!!!'s chocolate cake for sure...LOL
After that grueling photography session,
Grammy needed a little R & R...whew!

Look at that crazy bit!!!

The whole party bunch!

 Bright Spot- The day before the party, I had to
go to Home Depot to get a
ridiculously huge drill bit for Rachel to use to enlarge the existing holes in my bumper so we could install the hitch...well, we ended up not even being able to use it, BUT while I was there, the wonderful gentleman that assisted me shared wonderful stories with me!!!
Brian, who works at Home Depot a few days a week is a Research chemist at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and has been for 35 years!  He really loves and told me he will continue to do that work until he just can't do it anymore!
His obvious love for his biological as well as 'spiritual' daughters was detected in his bright eyes and his loving voice as he shared.  Deborah-21, Abigail-16, Kristina-25 and Victoria-16 are great joys in his life.  The latter 2, he said, are 2 peas in a pod!  Brian met them through his church and has mentored them for years.
Brian is also involved in elder care.  He admitted that he has benefited from this experience at least as much as he has given to it!  What a delightful surprise to have had the opportunity to talk with Brian.  With a great hug and much gratitude for the light that he spreads, we parted ways.

Open Air Activities

  Gotta love the great outdoors:
I got to help fill the pool!

Rachel realizing we were NOT going
to be able to attach the hitch without
risk of  physical injury!!!!

Megan's dad and band playing in
Havre de Grace!

Roasting marshmallows to make s'mores
and flutter nutters!!!

Oooohh!  The pool stars change colors!

Megan's precious!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Surprise Boat Ride

  Last week a few of us went to have dinner at Megan's (my daughter-in-law) Aunt and Uncle's house.  Pasta...shells, my fave...meatballs...and salad!  Deee-lish!  While Megan did her Aunt Terry's hair, Ron (Uncle) asked if anyone wanted to go out on the Gunpowder River for a little ride.  OMG!  I was the first one to raise my hand!  Four of us adults and 2 kids jumped on board and off we went into the setting sun!  It was fabulous.  I learned about the 'no wake zone' (gotta go slow enough that you don't create white caps) and that a knot equal 1.6 mph and that you better have a life jacket for each person in case the water patrol stops you!  Also, a certain 'level' of water police can stop you , get into your boat and search everywhere without even asking you...WOW!
It was so much fun seeing areas I've seen many times but from the water side AND I got to drive the boat for awhile...yippee!!!
This family went all out....PALM TREES

Hungry crane ready for just the right dinner

Terry and Ron's neighbors
even created a BEACH

Awesome experience being on the water
at sunset

My favorite part of boat rides!!!

My daughter Rachel
showing me how it's done!

"OK, Ron, if you can't look...sit down!"

"Fell better now?"

We arrived back at the pier...
safe, sound and serene!
Thanks, Ron!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Grammy & the Boys Go Camping

    Bright Spot- Rachel, the camp director at Muddy Run has been prepping for next week's youth extreme camp experience!  They'll learn archery, go fishing, participate in a forest exploration hike, and even prepare a full course dinner for their parents!  She has been running this program for nearly 13 years and she loves it!  She is a Science and Physics teacher during the school year! Way to go, Rachel...I know the kids love it as much if not more than you do!!!
    Three and a half days to get ready and three and a half days to get crazy!!!  Last weekend my grandson Cameron and his step brother Jay joined me at Muddy Run Park Campground. Cameron's 7th birthday was Friday and we had great fun celebrating Thursday through Sunday...playing, eating, lightning bug searching/catching, boating, staying up really late, hiking, coloring, getting muddy in the water and building campfires for marshmallows!  "Seven" is an absolute hoot!!!
Hitchin' a ride on my bike basket!

A flower surprise for Grammy

Getting ready for a marshmallow feast


The "man cave"  LOL

This couple was so cool about letting
the boys pet their horses! 

The coolest log we saw!!!

We didn't go fishing, so this generous
and fun guy let the boys get a pic
with his tiny catch

Captain grandson!
He really did a great job!
Getting excited about seeing the geese
up close , we got a bit too close to the shore,
but Grammy grabbed the oar and pushed us
back into the water...LOL

Two silly boys up on the loft being Ninjas!

"Look, Grammy, I found a shrimp!"

A Smile in the Cameron

No trunks...oh, who cares!!!

***Van-Go passed inspection today with a mere $150 worth of minor repairs!!!***
MD registration coming soon!

a 2014 Bintelli BREEZE
Designed for riders under 5'6"
Baby blue
Pictures will be available soon!!!
Can't pick it up until my front end hitch arrives!!!
The carrier and ramp are already here!!!
I'm so excited!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Week Two in MD...Hanging Out!

Until Sunday I had just been hanging out with my Daughters and grandson and it has been wonderful...playing; talking, planning, eating, etc. I did manage to lose my bankcard and keys at the store in the same day. The card was turned into the customer service counter by an honest soul! The keys were found by me on the pile of tank-tops that I had been looking at over a half an hour ago. Hooray!! I guess that could be a BRIGHT SPOT FOR ME. Yippee!!! Oh and a big thank you to my daughter Rachel for attempting to get a hold of Good Sam roadside assistance for me and to Linda the store manager for loaning me her cell phone.
Van-Go ready for the week!

I arrived at about 8pm to the Muddy Run Campground in PA and the guy at the entrance was great. He said that we was so glad to see me...he had been wondering if I had changed my mind or had gotten lost.  He handed me my tag and infor sheet with a wonderful smile and wishes for a fun stay at the park. I got settled poped, bike outside, electric and H2O hooked up, bed ready, and a new book to tackle...all before it got dark...LIFE IS GOOD!
My oh so awesome
party lights... lol

Hear they come
Monday morning brought much sunshine and humidity! OMG- I forgot how gross it is...the latter of course. I was determined to get some firewood, so I hopped on the bike and after a mile of ups and downs I was at the store. I'm not sure what possessed me to think I was going to ride back with a bundle of logs bungee-d into my little basket! However, I found myself in a position where that seamed to be the only option... and... I pulled it off. It'll look my "adventure resume", but I won't try anything that insane again anytime soon.  LOL

The rest of the gaggle
One end of the lake
Tuesday morning, I discovered a walking shortcut to the office store which just happened to be a stone's throw from the beautiful lake and boating area. I found the perfect spot under a shady tree and sat there reading and watching georgous butterflies flutter all around me. About an hour or so later, I watch about fifteen huge geese glide toward the shoreline, get out of the water, and waddle their way right to where I was sitting. I was surounded! And they were "yelling" at me...LOL. After about twenty minutes of this I got my things together and walked gingerly toward a group of them the "get out". Fortunatly, they spread out and allowed me safe passage...PHEW! It was like the parting of the Red Sea LOL.
A lovely smooth, flat
section of the trail.

Treats from my friend
Later in the day, a dear friend who lives near by brought me a homemade dinner, bottled water, snacks, juices, a first aid kit, and few other goodies for Van-Go! It was a lovely surprise and an especially lovely visit. Thanks my friend!

This morning, Thursday, I hiked the trail I had planned to take my grandson and his step-brother on this weekend so I could be falimier with it...WELL, good thing I did!!!  Ain't no way we are taking that trail! It is georgous, there is a lot to see, BUT... it's a three mile, varied terrain, two point five hour treck on a slant! Plan B is stiring in my mind at this very moment LOL.

Well, that's it for now...gotta ice the anckle...Oooh, ouch.  There will be plenty to share on Sunday when we return from our camping adventure I'm sure.

Trail Pix
Red flower 'shrooms!
Bushy bushy tail
Don't worry, I gotcha!
Coolness growing on log!
The "Shroom Family"

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