Thursday, May 15, 2014

Waterfalls...Judi Falls...and More

   The rain ceased and the sun blasted through the clouds!!!  Yippee!  Off I went bright and early to find more falls and take another shot at spying the nest!!!  Success all around.  Four more waterfalls in gorgeous canyons AND I located the tree top where the bald eagles' nest was situated.  The thing I didn't know on Tuesday was that I was gonna need binoculars to see clear across the river!  Thanks again to my binocular benefactor....they did great!!!  I was able to see 2 bald resting on the nest and the other perched on a branch beside the nest.  Rumor has it that there are several young'uns in that nest!  I offered a look-see to everyone who passed by was so exciting!
***An aside...I walked up and down over 1100 steps this day and hiked over 6 miles!  Go, Me!
This little stroll was mostly uneventful.  There WAS this one point where the heavy rains from last night wreaked havoc with the paths' surface...AND...down I went!  My entire right side was caked in mud!!!  No broken bones and the cell phone was uninjured!  Whew!  That was close!  I WILL be indulging in a couple of Advil...LOL
   After my amazing adventure, I was pretty hungry.  I stopped at a little place called Skoog's Pub & Grill in Utica...not 5 minutes away from the park.  I had the most delicious burger I've EVER had in my 59 years on this earth!  I kid you not!  Not only that, but Kathi, who delivered this feast, sat and chatted with me for awhile.  She shared not only 1, but 4 Bright Spots-First, her birthday was yesterday.  Second, her 5 year old son, Landon, with spelling assistance from Grandma, created his very first card with actual words and his greeting to his mom was, "Mommy, I love your curly hair and cute smile."  I could tell that this gesture nearly melted mommy like a snowman in the summer sun!  Third, speaking of snowmen, Kathi's youngest, Ava, 3, has taken on the persona of 'Princess Elsa' from the movie, FROZEN.  Kathi loves it when she randomly breaks out in song, especially in public, singing, "Do you want to build a snowman?"  AND with such a memorable voice!  Finally, Kathi's mom, Ginny, will be traveling all expenses paid to the Philippines soon for about 6 weeks to train others for the company...that let her go due to downsizing!   Is Ginny bummed out about losing her job?  NO WAY!  She's looking forward to seeing the beauty of the area and experiencing the culture!  She may just continue to do a little more traveling afterwards.  You have my vote, Ginny!  Go for it!  You'll have a blast!
Pictures are great!  The videos I took...well, I couldn't rotate them, soooo, you might have to turn your computer sideways...oops!  Enjoy!

One of these is from behind the falls?

Click symbol...hopefully it'll come on

I'm sitting behind these falls in a awesome!


Just a pretty footbridge

Neat shot...abandoned canoe

Awesome trunk

View from top of canyon

View from bottom of canyon

OMG...ain't it adorable?!

in the mud and the muck
I love it!!!

The Judi Fall
Pic really doesn't do the mud bath justice...LOL

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