Friday, May 9, 2014

WATER - Horizontal and Vertical!

   Last stop in Iowa - Dubuque!  I unexpectedly began my day at 5:30 AM in the ER of Mercy Medical Center!  My ankles and calves were pretty swollen.  The results of an EKG, an ultrasound, and some blood work showed that I'm in great shape over all...the legs aren't accustomed to sitting and driving for 3-7 hours at a time however!  Solutions: 1-wear compression knee highs while driving  2-break up the longer drives and get out and stretch and walk around  3-use PC on lap on the couch with legs up or wear knee highs if seated at a table  YES - all quite feasible!!!  Swelling already down!  Hooray!  Much gratitude to all those in the ER who helped me were terrific.
   The main attraction for me in Dubuque was the Mississippi Riverwalk.  Not wanting to miss a thing, I stopped into the Visitor's Center to get a map.  Kay offered info on several highlights around town.  Having been born and raised in Dubuque, she was not only knowledgeable, but truly passionate about the area. Her Bright Spot reflected that- she referred to her hometown as quaint, a masterpiece of beauty, filled with warm and compassionate people.  What a tribute!
    Because I had several hours yet to go and another stop to make before the campgrounds, I opted to spend my time on the Mississippi (horizontal!   It began to drizzle, the wind picked up and my umbrella turned inside out!  "Oh no way, not havin it!", I said.  Moments later, the sun burst through and "dried up all the rain".  With puddles remaining, I began my walk barefoot with dragging jean hems getting all was wonderful!  The art along the promenade was fascinating and the river was extremely high.  The water was calm and sparkled in the sunlight. The historic shot tower, a train chugging along the tracks and the Stone Cliff Winery/restaurant greeted me at the far end of my walk.  I decided to have a bite to eat, a glass of wine and simply sit at the outdoor patio and enjoy the beauty around me there at the Port of Dubuque before moving on.  It was absolutely lovely!
promenade along Mississippi River walk

Shot tower

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Mississippi River

Choo - Choo train...

Stone Cliff Winery - lunch venue

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