Friday, May 16, 2014

Two Weeks at Lake Michigan Starts Today

   Oh my, it has been interesting getting here!  I'm at Dune Lake Campground in Coloma, Michigan.  It was raining so hard this morning I was afraid to unplug my electric cable.   Had to wait 2 hours for a break in the downpour!
   Did have a really nice breakfast at the happiest little place ever...Joy & Ed's.  It was the kind of place where every person who ever comes in there is a local and discusses the issues that will be presented at the town meeting AND stares at anyone "foreign" that comes in...LOL  They didn't stare long though.  Just watching them and listening to them laugh and kid around was a treat.
   Then more rain, got oil changed, filled up the tank, engine light popped on, got 3 'diagnoses', sat in a back up on I80 for nearly an hour...BUT got here an hour before I thought I would because of going from Central to Eastern time zones!!!  It was an hour later than I thought when my GPS system said I had an hour to go!!!  So, all in all, I'm happy right now!
   As soon as I arrived, Lisa greeted me.  Since I've had a terrible time trying to find accommodations for Memorial Day weekend, I asked her to see if they had any site open.  Well, not only DID they have one, but MY site!  So, I'll be hanging out here for the entire 2 weeks...till May 30th!  I WILL have to get that silly light checked out properly, so keep your fingers crossed...I'm voting for a loose gas cap as the culprit!
   Back to Lisa...she had a Bright Spot for me as soon as I told her about them- she and her husband, Doug have been married for only 21/2 months (congrats), but have known each other for 7 years! Doug's dad, Danville, has never met Lisa's parents in all that time.  Danville lives in southern Ohio and is 92 years old.  Well, this Sunday, Doug's sister, Sheila will be bringing Danville up to visit and finally meet Lisa's parents!!!  Lisa was really excited about this event as she was telling me about it.  My guess is that there will be much excitement felt by all involved once Danville actually arrives!
   Just one picture shows a type of traveling.  I noticed a tiny caterpillar climbing up an invisible 'string', just swinging and wiggling away.  So, I put one of my books (purple cover) behind it so it would show up and took its cute.  Also, I've included a cute poem I wrote the other day when I was chilling also is about a type of travel.  Enjoy!  ***Had to take a picture of it so I could post it, hence, the 2 parts!
Isn't it just adorable?!

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