Friday, May 9, 2014

Synchronicity in Galena

   The vertical water part of my last post is here!
   After my 'waking siesta', I was on the road to Galena, Illinois.  A brief 25 minutes later, an incredible experience awaited me!  Sometimes an event is just plain perfect!  Joe, from Niabrara State Park had grown up here and told me of several places worth visiting, but once again time constraints insisted I prioritize...of course, I chose the waterfall at Galena Territory!  I drove into this gorgeous golf community not having a clue where to go and noticed a gentleman walking across the parking lot.  I told him I was looking for the information center.  He said he would drive to it and to follow him.  A mile or so through the green hills and windy roads, we arrived. What a sweet gesture...thank you Jose!
    As I entered the building, I was greeted by a man behind a counter and no sooner did I tell him that I was looking for the waterfall, I heard a voice offer to show me where it was!  I turned and there was a woman who offered to meet me at the end of the parking lot and that I could follow her to the falls.  Wow!  We arrived at the waterfall (vertical, which was amazing, and we began a conversation that was as spectacular as the view.  My guide/friend's name is MJ and we seemed to 'hit it off' right from the start.  She told me about the way the path to the falls was before the flood (2008, I think), narrower and woodsy.  Now it is carved out and there is an upper and lower dirt viewing 'platform'.  We paused while I took pictures.   We continued to talk and MJ shared that she had just retired and was actually doing the same work now but as a volunteer!  She had been instrumental in developing a veteran support network that services 2 counties.  It welcomes all those in need without strict eligibility requirements. What a wonderful and much needed resource.  You can read more about it at (Lake McHenry Veteran & Family Services). The program began as a pilot that had been government funded.  The grant will be expiring soon and she has been working to ensure that it continues once that funding runs out!  I can only imaging how many families will continue to benefit from this effort on the parts of many.   Thank you to all involved in this worthy are improving the quality of life for those who have risked theirs to save ours...blessings!
   Mj's Bright Spot- the synchronicity of being there at the moment I needed help and being able to respond without concern about time constraints since she is retired now!  MJ, you were indeed a Bright Spot in my day as well!  Thank you so much!  
***PS-See, Joe, I made it!  you were right...the falls are fabulous!  Next go-round, I'll see your other recommendations.
Entrance from inside Van-Go - Do you love my dashboard critters?

Leading up to the falls & MJ

Left half of falls

Right half of falls

All of Galena Falls, Illinois
Looks like a mirror image almost!

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