Monday, May 19, 2014


  First thing this morning, I hiked to the dunes on the campground, found the highest one, climbed to the top and sat.  I sat very still and breathed.  I closed my eyes.  I let my mind wander.  It was wonderful. Then I had a big 'ole juicy navel orange for snack and sat some more watching and listening to the sights and sounds of morning.
   About an hour later,  I ran down the hill and made a sand angel...I felt like a  kid!  When I returned to Van-Go, it was time for was a bagel kinda morning...sesame favorite!
   Back pack filled with snacks, book and art supplies I headed to the main road.  When Lisa saw me and heard where I was going, she recommended I take my bike.  The beach was over 2 miles away and riding would be much quicker.  So, I bungeed my seat to the bike and off I went...up so many hills, I thought my thighs were gonna give way even in first gear...BUT I MADE IT!
   Once, I finally arrived at the entrance to the Roadside Park beach, I saw that the access was at the bottom of a humongous sandy slope!  Down went the bike and me nice and easy.  I sat on the cold, packed sand near the lake (Michigan) and drew, walked along the shoreline squooshing my toes in the soft wet sand, laid on the beach reading with dry fluffy sand blowing across my face in the breeze and dug in the sand with my hands just because it felt good!
   By mid afternoon I was ready for lunch and a shower.  I'd had such a lovely day.  I was smiling broadly and THEN I remembered the humongous sandy slope.  Now, the bike, the back pack and me had to go UP!  I put my socks and shoes back on, grabbed a hold of the bike and very slowly ascended the slippery mound with only 6 or 7 stops to breathe!!!  LOL  Back on the road, I managed to convince my weary legs to keep on pedaling until we arrived at the campgrounds.
   Showered and fed, I sat by the fire and read awhile then laughed on the phone with a friend. A little later, Lisa and Doug drove by with offerings of complimentary ice cream...a perfect end to a perfect day.  Oh, I chose an ice cream SANDwhich!
Reflections on the way to the dunes

Dune path

My sand angel

Signs of spring along my walk

Smooth shiny bark-free wood
on the beach

Lake Michigan beach

 On top of the dune
with my snack

The shoreline

A tiny octopus type creature...I think
It was very spongy!

The only shells I saw on a 20 minute walk
one way
along the beach...mostly flat smooth stones

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