Sunday, May 18, 2014

Private Tour

  Wow, what a wonderful Bright Spot today....and it's MINE!  I went to drop off a card to Ann and Mark and Mark offered to give me a ride into South Haven with him and Emma to show me around! Ann was going be taking Leah to soccer.  I was almost speechless right after I said, "Yeah, that would be great!  Thanks!"  Off we went in early afternoon!  Mark was a superb tour guide...I learned so much and Emma was delightful!  What a beautiful area it was!  The sky was exceptionally blue and clear and the varied architecture was visually appealing.  We navigated through the section right along Lake Michigan. It felt like being at the ocean without the salty air...the lake is huge with royal blue and teal water shimmering in the sunlight.
   There were terrific little shops, people kite surfing, a red lighthouse at the end of a pier, a sailboat, a fishing boat with fishermen holding up their catch of the day for us to see, very friendly pets and owners AND a bald eagle kite whipping about in the breeze!  We stopped for lunch and I had 2 seafood sliders on mini pretzel rolls and coleslaw at quaint little pub and since Mark and Emma wanted ice cream...well, it was only polite of me to have some as well...HUH...believe that one!  I LOVE ice cream!   Finally, we went into one of the markets so I could try some of "Bob's" smoked salmon that both Ann and Mark raved about.  I'll be having it for dinner!
   On the way back to the campground, Mark pointed out a few walking/biking paths and a directions to a lovely beach on the lake very close by.  That is definitely on my list for tomorrow!
   My whole day has been a Bright Spot, thanks to the Hollander family.  See you guys next weekend!
Bald eagle kite

Kite surfer

Lighthouse on the pier

A standard 'parti' poodle

Waterway out to the lake

6 foot lighthouse replica on the

16 second video of the kite surfers

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