Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Positively Pampered Plus

  Yesterday, the 12th was a day of decadence for me and I loved it!  I had my nails done...fingers and toes!  And, actually, I sat right next to a Bright Spot while drying said nails!  Jan, my 'drying neighbor' has been out of work since October and her unemployment ran out on Friday. (happy news????)  Yes, because her son offered to let her stay with him, a friend gave her a tip on a job op over the weekend AND she had the interview TODAY!  Jan...I know you did great!
   By then, it was time to get on the road to Brightwood Inn B&B in Oglesby, IL...about a 2 hour drive.  It was beautiful there...gorgeous grounds, lovely room WITH a fireplace, quiet...comfy bed and Egyptian cotton towels!
   First, I was greeted by Sharon, who I enjoyed talking to immensely.  Before I left this morning, she shared a wonderful story with me.  Bright Spot- a gentleman staying there told her about his 92 year old father who had recently married his 95 year old girlfriend!  They had lived together for 25 years and every Valentine's Day, he asked her to marry him and she turned him down.  For whatever reason, this time she said, "YES".  They went all out...bachelorette party, bachelor party, church wedding AND honeymoon!  Now, THAT'S happy news.  May you two lovebirds have many more fabulous years together!
   This morning at breakfast, our orders were taken by Jo and created especially for the 5 of us by 'master chef' John.  Delicious!  That is when I met Sarah, 12, and her mom Paula.  Bright Spot- They were having their annual 2 day mother/daughter getaway!  A much anticipated event given that Sarah is the sibling to 2 brothers!  They go hiking and shopping and talk a lot...it was clear that they both truly enjoy this special time together.  But that's not all, Sarah qualified for the highest level of participation in the "speech" portion of the National Speech & Debate Team.  She will be competing in June in Virginia!  Show 'em how it's done, Sarah!!!  Good luck!!!
   Bright Spot- An amazing couple, Kathy and Michael, also at breakfast, shared about their involvement with an incredible program!  Big Muddy Speakers Series is a program designed to educate the residents of Kansas City, Missouri about their sewer system and what is being done to improve it.  Michael creates videos for the internet broadcasting of this information.  Low bandwidth is used so that folks that are a great distance away or experience slower internet connections can have access to this program.  What a terrific endeavor!  If interested you can listen to several speakers/educators at kcdv.tv/big-muddy-speakers-series
***pics when I post Part 2 later this evening...I'm off to see some waterfalls!!!


  1. Hey Judi, hope all your travels are going well. This is Jan and great news, I have a job and start on the 2nd of June. I have relocated to East Peoria this past Sunday and am having a great time trying to get things unpacked. I really enjoyed meeting you and I know others will too. all the best in your travels.

    1. Jan, that is wonderful news! Congratulations! I'm hoping that your new job allows for a bit of nail pampering for you, too! Thanks so much for letting me know about your blessing!