Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Out and About - A.M.

   FIRST....the engine light was on because of a loose gas cap!  Whew!
After that great news, I strolled along the promenade at South Haven again for awhile since I was right there anyway.  Passed a couple beautiful wall murals...peoples' talents never fail to amaze me!  Met a sweet elderly couple whose picture I took for them...they were so excited! Caught some seagulls having a late breakfast...and the remains!  Shot a tall ship coming into the harbor filled with silly middle school kids waving like crazy!  Oh, the memories!
I thought this was cool

Wall mural

I took a shot of them for me, too
Couldn't help cute!

Tall ship

Lighthouse mentioned in
plaque above

The remains of the seagull's breakfast

Wall mural along the road

Hungry birds!

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