Saturday, May 17, 2014

Laid Back & Lovin' It

  What a wonderfully lazy day!  Woke up to pouring 10:30 it was gorgeous out!  After a late breakfast, I rode my bike around the grounds for about 20 minutes!  And that was the last of the energy exertion for today!  I walked to the little lake on the grounds and read my book.  I walked back and had lunch.  I returned and read some more.  I had some fire wood brought to my site.  I started a fire and sat and watched it for awhile, dreaming.  Then I set up my hammock and swung for awhile sitting up, then laid down and read more of my book.  Then I fixed and ate dinner and laid in the hammock awhile longer!  Oh, my...yawn!  Now I'm posting to my blog and then I'll pop some popcorn and watch a movie.  I'll probably turn in early after such a day!!!  LOL
   I DID meet a lovely family at the lake however and talked quite a bit.  Ann and Mark both gave me so many good tips on places to see and eat in the area.  They have an RV they leave parked here and come up almost every weekend from Chicago!  They have 2 adorable girls, ages 7 and 9, Emma and Leah.  Bright Spot- Ann decided to change careers awhile back and returned to college to get her Master's degree in gerontology (a relatively new field focusing on care for the senior population)  She just graduated yesterday, May 16th and it was Mark's birthday as well! Double fabulous!  Congrats to you both!
Sun sparkles on the lake

Reflections on the lake

Goose nest and broken egg shells...recently hatched,
4 goslings are out and about on the campgrounds

My first campfire since my journey began

Put hammock up for the first time

View from inside the hammock

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