Saturday, May 10, 2014

Just Another Day in Paradise

   Yes, this is day 2 at Paradise Campground in Garden Prairie, Illinois!  Well, it rained like the dickens through the night....but the day has been gorgeous!  The grounds here are quite beautiful as well...perfect for walking, chillin' by the water with your favorite book, photo-ops, swinging at the playground and YES...riding your bike!  I am happy to announce that my new bike's tires are officially dirty...rode it for the first time today!  It was great!  On the first trip, I had a bag of freshly folded laundry hanging off the left handlebar!
Then I just rode around for kicks!
   In between tubs of laundry, I stopped in the restaurant here and ordered a salad and sweet potato good!  Across the room was a young boy sitting with a stack of board games in front of him.   A bit later, his grandmother came and sat with him.  I overheard something that sounded like "happy news".  I went over and introduced myself and asked if I could join them.  The woman graciously welcomed me.  I asked Andrew, almost 7, if he wanted to share his story with me and he did. 
Bright Spot- he decided that the board games needed some organizing, so he came up with a solution.  He thought it would be good to get a large plastic container, put all the games in it and make a list of the games on a piece of paper to attach to the box!  He told me that would make it easy to find the game you wanted to play.  I told him it was brilliant!  He chose to share another highlight for him.  He went to go get something to show me. He had received the GAME BALL after a baseball game the other day because he pitched and got 2 outs in a row! He even got to the plate/base way before the runner did. He was very pleased with his performance as he should be...what a terrific accomplishment.  Way to go, Andrew and thank you for sharing!!!
   There was a wagon ride around the facilities this afternoon and I got to wave to all the campers along with all the other the 'kids'on board!  Simple pleasures!

The Goose Family at the Pond

Fishing off the bridge

Kids loading onto the wagon

Mushrooms, anyone?

The wagon ride engine!

Wishy Will-Be Wonderland

 waterway on the grounds

good spot to ponder

I just LOVE the trees' refection in the water!

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