Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Night in Paradise

    I've had a lovely Mother's Day here in Paradise.  First, I heard from all 3 of my offspring, my sista, and quite a few friends!!!  Just goes to show, love has no geographical someone you love that's far away!
   There was a complimentary breakfast today for moms and families.  It was great to see such a terrific turnout.  I rode my bike quite a bit today...had to burn off those 2 pancakes, ya know! LOL
Now, the thunder is rolling like the hills in Illinois!  I'm thinking the rain is on its way.
   While I was sitting in my 'thinking/creating/writing' chair this afternoon beside Van-Go, a
Bright Spot walked right up to me!!!  Victor came by to inquire about my van and at one point the conversation shifted a bit and he announced that he couldn't wait to get back home see, he has a brand new baby granddaughter, one and a half months old named Isabella that he just can't wait to see!!!!  The look on his face was priceless.  His eyes could have lit up the darkest night. That little girl sure has a proud and grateful grandpa!  Congrats to Victor, his son and daughter-in-law!!!  What a blessing!
   Heading out in the morning...tomorrow is 'pampering day'.
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