Monday, May 5, 2014

If It Ain't Here...Go Find It

   I'm baaaack!!!  A couple days of internet 'drama'...par for this new lifestyle of mine, I guess!  LOL
Knowing that I was heading out in the morning, I was determined to find at least one more human interest story, so I hiked uphill for a couple miles to the park office where I overheard a gentleman talking about an upcoming event here at the park.  I consider it a Bright Spot - their 3rd annual Outdoor Educational Rendezvous-offered free of charge-is happening this Friday.  A minimum of 500 students will learn from trained instructors and naturalists about the great outdoors first hand!  Fishing, eagle nesting, wetlands, archery are among the topics they will explore.  Of course, pony rides, sticking hands into fish tanks and eating S'mores can't be overlooked for ways to have a great time!  Thanks Superintendent Mark Rettig for providing such a wonderful opportunity for our youth...and grown-ups!
   On my way back down the path, the park vet was kind enough to stop and direct me to the stables.  There I met Aspen, one of the wranglers that works at the park during the summer months!  She offered to bring one of the ponies over for me to meet.  FLICKA, a gorgeous chestnut with 3 dark hoofs and one white hoof mozied on over.  What a "ham"!  He loved being pet and talked to and nuzzling under my arm.  As Aspen and I talked, she went on to tell me a 'happy news' of hers.  Bright Spot - Her 10 month old son, Corbin, uttered " I love you" to her the other day!  AND she anticipates his first "free-style" steps coming any day now.  He scoots along the couch and cabinets and has bravely stood without support!  I've asked her to let me know when those first steps of zillions occur so I can update you!  C'mon, Corbin, you can do it!!!
   Okay, now some pics!
Union Pacific Bailey Yard-North Platte, NE

Lake McConaughy, NE
Lake McConaughy visitors center..LOVE the eagle

Lake McConaughy, NE

Niobrara State Park, NE...sunset

Missouri River separating NE and SD
I'm here!

Follow the pretty pink road!

one side of the road...

Say "cheese"
...the other side of the road

When are 'hams' made from beef???

pretty site along the drive on the back roads of NE

I love ponds!

Niobrara St Pk...backyard lunch
That 'ole turkey wouldn't turn


  1. I hope you can watch this video. Very amazing. Tons of eagles in alaska.

  2. ASPEN.....thank you so much...I loved it so much, I posted it on my Facebook page!