Friday, May 2, 2014

Good News Around Every Bend

   I'm going to begin with Bright Spots today!  Why not?!
Big Springs, Nebraska: Pua, the receptionist at the Motel 6 desk this morning was delighted to share about her son, Holden.  He just received 3 sports awards, including MVP and participation.  He also earned his letters.  Even though Holden is only in 9th grade, he has been chosen to be on the VARSITY team at his school!  He excels in basketball AND football!  Good job, Holden!!!!
North Platte, Nebraska: While visiting Union  Pacific's Bailey Yard (the world's largest train yard), I had the pleasure of talking with Jessica, who works there.  She had a really fun story to share.  The other day, her oldest son, Dylan, 7, LOST his first tooth and her youngest son, Brendyn, almost 1, GOT his first tooth!!!  If that wasn't cool was the SAME tooth!  Way to go, guys!  Your mom is so proud of you both!!!
Niobrara State Park, Nebraska: I arrived at the RV site and NO ONE else was there!!!   It was like a ghost town!  Moments later, Joe, from Knox County Police Dept. rode by making his rounds.  After he explained the emptiness and before he was kind enough to take me on a tour of the grounds, he told me a wonderful story!  Just 10 days after he had a reverse vasectomy performed, he and his beautiful fiance conceived their first child!!!  They are due in December.  Joe's eyes lit up like the night sky filled with stars when he explained that at the first ultrasound yesterday, he heard "166 incredible beats per minute" as the scan rolled over their baby's heart!  Wow!  Joe, congratulations big time and thank you for sharing your happy news!
***Well, I drove for 6 1/2 hours to find myself all alone in a great big beautiful state park!!!!  Once again, I will be looking at Plan "B" for 5 of the next 8 days that I was gonna stay here!  Joe DID show me a few spots in the park and told me of a few places in town that I'll check out...then I'll be moving on...where next? Time will tell!!!
I must say that the drive held quite a few surprises!  I got held up at one point because there was a TURKEY in the middle of the road!  I discovered that folks driving on long back roads lift their fingers from the steering wheel in a "wave" to oncoming drivers!  My GPS system doesn't seem to like interstates!  It much prefers the 'scenic' route!  We'll need to look into THAT!  LOL

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