Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Firsts & Sioux City Surprises

    Before I left for Iowa yesterday morning, I had a very interesting FIRST.  I did my dishes in the shower!!!  Last night...another FIRST...I stayed the night in a Walmart parking lot between very tall stacks of  mulch!       Finally, on a more serious note, I felt completely welcomed by a structure made entirely out of metal for the first time ever!  How is that possible you might ask.  There is a sacred place in this town, though based on Catholic theology, offers a place of prayer, solitude and beauty for all denominations!  It is called Trinity Heights and their 25th anniversary is this year.  Originally, this was the site of Trinity College for men. Miraculous events have taken place here with no explanation other than the power of prayer.  The grounds are spacious and designed for quiet walks and seated contemplation.  The 30' statue of Mary and the 33' statue of Jesus were created by the world famous sculpture Dale Lamphere.  The one of Mary is the one that I was so moved by.  The expression on her face exudes a sense of love and peace and compassion.
    Inside the St. Joseph Center rests a life-sized wood carving of the Last Supper.  Jerry Traufler, an award winning carver devoted 7 years of his life to this remarkable work of art.  He used local models to create the images.
    Bright Spot - many wonders have occurred at Trinity Heights, but one in particular that was told to me I'd like to share.  There are 12 condominiums on the property.  About 7 years ago, a man with terminal pancreatic cancer decided to move he and his wife into a small condo, so when he passed and she was alone, she would have caring people around her and be able to volunteer and spend time in the peaceful gardens.  Once they moved in, they noticed a statue of St. Peregrine in their yard. Since then, The man has been given continuous clean bills of health and is doing very well enjoying his wife, children and grand kids.
St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients.  Wonderful!!!
     For lunch I stumbled upon a fabulous little art gallery/cafe called Indigo Palette on 4th St.  To my surprise, the food was terrific, the artwork extraordinary and Melanie, the barista and server shared a great story.  Bright Spot - She was uncharacteristically excited about being in the process of getting divorced.  Her soon to be 'ex' were great friends prior to marriage, but soon discovered that the married life didn't agree with them on various important levels.  Since they agreed to separate and become roommates,to their amazement, they have become best friends again.  They may even continue to coexist once the papers are signed.  How's THAT for atypical!
     Bright Spot - In Pizza Hut, having a yummy lunch, I overheard my serve discussing a work issue.  I knew she would be a great candidate to chat with about good news!  So Mariah, as it turned out was also the manager.  She graciously spend some time with me.  She has been taking care of her mom and younger sister for some time as well as her own son, Rayden, whose 5th birthday is coming up this summer.  Because of her caring and unselfish nature, a relative is sending her to Singapore for a 2 week getaway.  Her grandfather owns an architectural business there.  So, Mariah is traveling out of the country alone for the very first time and is VERY excited!  Mariah...have an amazing time and tell Rayden Happy Birthday!!!
   My day ended with a fantastic rendition of WEST SIDE STORY performed at the old Orpheum Theater. The theater was refurbished a few years ago and has the appearance and feel of an old opera house!
The dancing was ecstatic, the voices were spectacular and the final scene was nothing less than incredibly moving!  Wow!  I loved it!
***Pictures later as of these days, I'll upload the pics BEFORE I post!

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