Friday, May 9, 2014

Catching Up-Cedar Falls, Iowa

   I planned to stop here because of the beautiful waterfall pic I saw on the internet.  As it turned out, that pic was from Cedar Falls, OHIO...not Iowa!  The woman at the visitor center, Becky, was so helpful AND kind as I continued to explain that I KNEW I saw a waterfall online each time she told me there weren't any. I didn't realize the 'state' difference until later that, sorry Becky!!! lol  Her kindness continued as she shared a Bright Spot with me- Her 13 year old daughter, Rachel, was recently confirmed, she was thrilled that the weather had settled down AND she noticed a pheasant the other day which is a big deal in the area because so many fled after the big flood of 2008.
   Bright Spot ***from the Pizza Hut the other day*** Tanya, a server, was very excited because her best friend since childhood, Tiffany, is getting married in August.  We got to talking and she also told me that shortly after Michael Jackson passed, she 'won' a complimentary tattoo of him!  It looks great, Tanya!
   Bright Spot-I had a great lunch at the Pump Haus where I met Samantha who had fun news to share
Bright Spot- She is a Junior at UNI and she will be starting her internship at Bill Colwell FORD in the marketing dept. this summer!  She also is looking forward to her Senior year when she will be moving from a 15 girl, 2 shower house to her own private apartment!!!!  Excellent news...enjoy those long showers, Samantha!!! lol

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