Monday, September 4, 2017

Cam and Gram....AND MOMMY and Aunt Terri

     It was hard to believe that the little man would not be here in a couple days.  The 33 days we hung out was quite an adventure in many ways!  We got to know each other and had a ton of fun in the process!
Mommy's here....

Mommy's here!!!
Nicole and Cam's Aunt Terri arrived early evening on a Monday after a 28+ hour drive across the country.  To say that mom and son were happy to see each other would be a gigantic understatement!      After considerable excitement, we managed to sleep.  We left early the following morning headed for the Grand Canyon.  Our plan to see the sunset there was compromised by car issues, so we spent the night in a hotel got back up at 3:30 AM to catch the sunrise.

Cam and Gram

Mommy and Cameron

How precious is this?!
Totally candid shot...he just went and sat down
gazing at a remarkable sight!

Mommy and Cameron

We'll be soon...we're in Arizona!!!

We all agreed it was worth it!  We all had a marvelous time.  Even though it was my 3rd visit to this spectacular vista, my heart nearly skipped a beat at first glance.  The sun over the canyon at first was a bit of a hindrance to good photography because of the shadows and glare.  As the morning progressed, the glow on the deep gorges and craggy walls lit the view considerably!

     The following morning after breakfast we had a wonderful time hiking up to the Elena Gallegos picnic area in the Sandia Mountains and hanging out at the pool at the apartment.   Afterwards Nicole, Terri and Cameron packed up and off they went to drive back home to Maryland!
It was truly a blessing having my grandson with me.  I hope that he remembers as fondly as I do the time we spent together.  
Mommy and kid!

Nicole, Cameron, Terri
Albuquerque in the background

Terri, Cameron, Nicole
The Sandia Mountains in the background

Best selfie ever

In they go!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cam and Gram - Moving and Hiking and a Fort Reconstruction

    Finally, the day to move into my first floor apartment was here.  We were soooo ready!   Once everything was moved in, we created a new fort and then spent the better part of 3 days unpacking and making the place livable....without boxes!!!  I was much happier with piles and piles of 'stuff' all over the place than with boxes!!!   Pool breaks became a necessity...otherwise Grammy would have just wiped out!  Go, Cameron for making me take breaks!!!
The new fort!!!

The night before the move

Ready to rock and


My little helper

Once the apartment was reasonably 'done', we took another break and headed for the mountains...the Sandias!  My apartment is only a couple blocks from the foothills and only a mile to the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area where there are several hiking trails, covered concrete picnic tables and grills and spectacular views!  It was hot...we got a late start...but we did hike a little bit and sat and took in the beautiful view of Albuquerque and the mountain!
The view of Albuquerque

The mountain view

Let the hike begin!!!

Cameron spotted a bunny digging away

Let the hike be over!!!


Cam and Gram - Hodge Podge of Fun Before the Second Move

  Things got a little insane getting ready to move again after only 13 days!  Everything packed back out of boxes!!!  Cameron and I made the best of it...we found ways to still have fun amidst the chaos!!!  Go, us!!!
I was so jealous when Cameron got his
Kid's meal cup and headband....I got a
cup and headband for me, too!!!

Cameron and his awesome cup and ears!!!

Fort at the first apartment...
draped over and around all
the packed boxes

At my friend Jean's, Christopher,
her grandson and our friend,
added a bit of character to the known as
"Old Man Cactus"

Chuck E. Cheese fun

Add caption

The Emoji Movie

This theater was incredible!

Full rainbow on the drive home after a
very brief, but powerful rain!

We made our own juice pops!

Daily reading time....

The teeniest, tiniest ice cream
cone at Sweet Tomatoes Salad